Press release 2009
SIG investing heavily in wind power
This Thursday, 2 July 2009, SIG will unveil itsproject in partnership with REnInvest SA, which is aimed at developingseveral wind farms located on the Swiss Jura Arc. With a potential ofsome seventy wind installations for an electric energy output ofapproximately 240 GWh, SIG will become a leader in the development ofwind farms in Switzerland. Concerned with fulfilling the requirementsset by federal and cantonal energy policies, the partnership concludedby SIG falls under its strategy of investing heavily in the field ofnew renewable energies.To realise the wind farms in Tramelan, Schwängimatt, Moutier,Grandsonnaz, Boveresse, Romont and Ronde Noire, SIG is joining forceswith REnInvest SA, a limited company based in Ticino, which has beeninvolved with the development of new renewable energy production sitessince 2004. Between now and 2015, SIG and its partner will togetherinvest 300 million Swiss francs to build seven wind farms accommodatingsome seventy turbines with a potential output of 240 GWh, or theequivalent of the consumption of 70,000 households.By putting development projects into production and realisingphotovoltaic, wind, hydraulic, geothermic and biomass installations,SIG is giving concrete expression to its investment strategy for newrenewable energies which was announced last May.Currently, with 25% self-production, the canton of Geneva dependsheavily on external sources for its electric energy supply and is thusprone to market price fluctuations. By investing in the wind farmsincluded in the partnership with REnInvest SA, SIG aims to increase itsown electric energy production, possibly to over 30%.This partnership enables SIG to become a leader in the development ofwind sites in Switzerland and must be seen as a big step in theimplementation of its strategy regarding sustainable development. SIGis delighted by this new partnership, which reinforces its commitmentto the development of new renewable energies.Geneva, 2 July 2009Press, 022 420 70 90, 079 759 12, 022 420 70 93, 079 722 67, 091 695 81 04, 079 818 20 04
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