Who we are
REnInvest was born in 2004 from the will of some professionals determined to create a society that was able to allow the access to the liberalized market of renewable sources and to contribute by means of a profitable, sustainable ad ethic investment to the production of a primary good.

Today, REnInvest is committed in all steps that contribute to power production from renewable sources. It selects the most appropriate territories, plans the site and devotes itself personally to the procedures for authorizations. Then, it organizes and administrates construction works together with people, local authorities and companies.

Once the construction of the wind farm is finished, the same is transferred to the managing company for which it was created.
“We have decided not to include a wide portfolio of activity as we are very much an integrated company and aware that each project depends on the nature and peculiarities of that particular territory. For each project we prefer to cooperate with professionals, companies, local authorities and organizations, that is to say those which know the needs of their territory best.

We operate in four European markets: Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Germany. In each of these markets our business operations have been characterised by the high value our projects have generated on the territories we invested in which also represents an important network of relationships. The people at REnInvest work with the utmost professionalism and reliability. They affirm that producing energy and respecting the environment is an achievable, sustainable and not least of all desirable objective. We believe that ‘Energy’ is in a new phase of development and with this new life.

Claudio Zanini
Presidente REnInvest